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Commerce Controls, Inc. is a full service Control Systems Integrator.  Offering a wide range of services to meet your needs.

  • Project Management
  • Functional Specification Development
  • System Surveys
  • Control System Architecture & Design
  • PLC Programming
  • SCADA / HMI Development, IS Network Development, Industrial Network Development
  • Device Level Network Development
  • Instrumentation / Final Control Device Procurement & Integration
  • Custom Control Panel Design & Fabrication
  • Instrumentation Implementation
  • Loop Design and Implementation
  • Start-Up, and Commissioning
  • Field Supervisory Services
  • Validation and Acceptance Testing
  • O & M Manuals and Training
  • System Maintenance and Warranty Support

Project Management

A successful project starts with effective planning, solid coordination and continues with proven management methodology. Our projects are managed from inception to system acceptance utilizing industry best practices, tools, and processes. Specific project requirements are incorporated into our process with the customer's best interests in mind. Our Project Managers, develop and maintain project objectives including project scope, finance, procurement, deliverables, schedules, target milestones, division of tasks, effective communication, document tracking, and utilizing of control systems to monitor & provide feedback. Our team approach ensures personnel with the required competencies and experience supports all project elements thoroughly. We have experience in managing projects ranging from a few hundred man hours to projects and spanning several years.

Project Management Productivity Tools

  • Microsoft Office / Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Timberline Integrated Project Management System

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Control System Architecture & Design

Having well-designed control system is essential to improve system transparency, productivity, reliability, maintenance, record keeping, and ultimately client profit margins. Regardless of the level of complexity, we have the capabilities and commitment to deliver successful solutions for our clients.

  • Electrical & Control System Design
  • Hardware / Software Specification
  • Hardware / Software Design & Documentation
  • Hardware / Software Bench Testing
  • Schematic Development
  • Control Panel Design
  • Bill of Materials
  • Sequence of Operation Documents
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Control Loop Diagrams
  • P & ID Diagrams
  • Conduit Layout and Cable Interconnect Drawings
  • Electrical Load Studies
  • AutoCAD Detailing Services
  • E-Plan Design Service

PLC Programming

Since our company's founding programmable controllers have been at the core of our business. As a leader in the process control industry we are recognized as an authorized Solutions Provider / Systems Integrator by many PLC manufacturers.  Today our rich history and extensive PLC experience offer a wide background with many brands ranging from legacy programs to the latest platforms and architectures. We pride ourselves in writing open, consistent, well documented, and easily maintainable programs.

Programming Languages

  • Ladder Logic
  • Sequential function charts
  • Function block diagram
  • Structured text
  • Instruction list

Communication Networks

  • Telemetry
  • Radio
  • Fiber Optic
  • A-B DH, DH+
  • Ethernet,TCP/IP RS232, 422 & 485
  • Fieldbus,
  • Profibus
  • Modbus

Device Level Network Development

  • DeviceNet
  • ControlNet
  • BacNet
  • Profibus
  • Ethernet I/P
  • Remote I/0

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Project Commissioning

Commerce Controls, Inc. field technicians are ready to support the implementation, start-up and commissioning of your processes and machinery. Well documented commissioning procedures follow industry best practices and standards in compliance with safety regulations. Our technicians train plant personnel in control system operation and maintenance procedures. Our responsibility is to provide a robust, reliable and maintainable system for our clients.

  • Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Site Acceptance Tests
  • Startup and commissioning Documentation
  • Hardwire Checkout (Power, I/O, Interlocks)
  • Certification of Proper Installation (COPI)
  • Instrumentation Calibration and Checkout
  • Network and Communications Checkout
  • PLC Program configuration testing and verification
  • SCADA Program configuration testing and verification
  • Information System configuration testing and verification
  • Installation coordination & supervision
  • Control loop tuning and device calibration
  • Dry and Production runs
  • System Validation 
  • Operation / Maintenance / Management Training
  • Operation and Training Manuals
  • As-built documentation

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